Nobody intends to lose pigment in small and large patches across the landscape of their body. But somehow, for people like me with vitiligo, that is what I see when I look at my own body, like someone took a magic paintbrush and dabbed artistic spots on my arms and hands and feet and legs, spots where the pigment has magically vanished.

Two burning questions came up when I found that Western medicine had no real answers for curing vitiligo. The first is:


Why is my body using an immune disorder to communicate with me? Why now? Why vitiligo: a disorder where I watch part of me slowly fade away?

The second question is:

What Now?

What does true healing look like now? What do I know via intuition and what can I learn from Eastern and Western medicine? What alchemy exists in the natural world and in healing practices that can bring those with vitiligo to a better place?  What kinds of emotional and meditative journeying will be required to heal the origin?

This website explores these questions and more. You will find wonderings here about the nature of vitiligo and how it manifests. You’ll join me on my search for answers as I investigate and make the necessary changes in my world, embarking on a healing journey…with one crystal clear intention: to believe the impossible is an everyday phenomenon….to accept myself as I am and to believe in our capacity to heal.