Western Medicine Approach

So the good news is: what you choose to do or not do about your vitiligo is entirely up to you. If your Western medicine doctor tells you there are no good answers for you and you’d like to end your journey there and let the spots do as they will, great. If that feels good to you, honor that.

If you’re like me and felt like some part of me was slowly fading away as the spots progressed, then know there are resources available beyond Western medicine.

You can find a list of typical Western treatments for vitiligo here: Mayo Clinic Vitiligo

What you’ll find on the Mayo page is accurate and up-to-date information about what treatments conventional medicine is offering and what new treatments might be up and coming. Quoted from their website:

“No drug can stop the process of vitiligo — the loss of pigment cells (melanocytes). But some drugs, used alone or with light therapy, can help restore some skin tone.”

So….not ideal if you’re looking to heal. But maybe a fix if things haven’t progressed real far.

The short list you’ll find there includes: drugs to increase pigment, creams to increase pigment, light therapy 3 times a week that insurance likely won’t cover, surgery, drugs to reduce pigment to match your spots, and….my favorite- skin grafting and other surgeries.

Western medicine is amazing. I love me some ibuprofen. I had epidurals with two of my pregnancies. But sometimes what Western med lacks is seeing the big picture, the emotional, the spiritual, the environmental factors that contribute to who we are as a whole. That’s what I’m interested exploring.


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