Reiki for Vitiligo

I could talk about Reiki all day. It is just some of the most comforting and soothing energy work modalities out there and it has become quite common to find Reiki practitioners working in hospitals and affiliated with Western medicine clinics.

I received my Reiki I, II and Master qualifications in 1999-2000 and have found it to be an invaluable tool in bringing peace to my mind and comfort to my soul.

You can find more about what Reiki is here and here. In a nutshell, it is an ancient Japanese healing modality based on enhancing and balancing life force energy in the body, mind and soul.

We are so much more than our physical selves. I like to think of Reiki as opening a doorway to the hidden potential of healing that is within and all around us, and translating that energy into a usable form that knows exactly how to help us best at any given moment.

One of the most intriguing things about Reiki and vitiligo that I have come across is an idea that Anthony William that proposed that vitiligo may actually be caused by a virus. Because there are specific symbols in Reiki that aim to withdraw viruses from the body. And I am psyched to incorporate these symbols into my healing sessions!

If you have yet to experience Reiki, I encourage you to seek out a local practitioner or email me to set up an appointment. In a Reiki treatment, most people feel warm, radiant light. Some feel a sense of comfort and a soothing feeling.  Some may not feel anything but may notice during a session but they may notice a sense of well-being that they carry with them afterward.

It profoundly changed my life when I was first introduced to it. I was having major anxiety attacks on a daily basis and was spending much of my day managing my mental and emotional health. I had found a local Reiki practitioner and before the session began, I was getting ready by lying on her massage table.  As soon as I lay down I started having a panic attack. She immediately started to do Reiki over my sternum and my panic DISAPPEARED. Like a magic xanax, the anxiety just dissolved.  I had never felt such a sense of comfort. I was surrounded by such a feeling of

“You’ll get through this. This is temporary. This is something you are going through, but it is not who you are.”

I saw her regularly, about every other week, and it changed the direction of my life.  I received my Reiki training through her and helped me see the world through the eyes of a healer, where healing energy is available at any moment and just waiting for us to engage it.

I look forward to hearing how you are tapping into the healing all around you. Please share!


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